The Driver-Guides Association is the national professional association of blue badge tourist guides who undertake tours in their own cars
clearThe National Professional Association of Blue Badge Driver-Guides

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Blue Badge Driver-Guides in South West England

A quick list of DGA members in South West England

For further information about any of the guides please contact him/her directly or use the DGA Guide Search

Richard Bartelot
Language(s) English, French
Vehicle Type Ford Galaxy
Passenger Seats 6
Location Bristol
Telephone 0333 444 1066   Mobile: 07766 087 472
Web Site

Frances Brook
Language(s) English, German, French, Italian, Thai
Vehicle Type Toyota Lucida
Passenger Seats 7
Location Lymington
Telephone 01590 674117   Mobile: 07889130070
Web Site

David Chadwick
Language(s) English, French, Italian
Vehicle Type Ford Galaxy Titanium X
Passenger Seats 6
Location Bradford-on-Avon
Telephone 07759 790523
Web Site

David Waite
Language(s) English
1st Vehicle Type Kia Sedona
1st Passenger Seats 6
2nd Vehicle Type Hyundai i800 MPV
2nd Passenger Seats 7
Location Warwickshire
Telephone 07788 581539
Web Site